Our mission is to deliver the very best of regional Italy to London, working with traditional recipes and engaging with them with a modern touch.


We retain a deep connection to all that is produced and served in the restaurant by looking at provenance of a recipe and demanding that ingredients are key to all that we do.


We work with the best fresh suppliers from up and down the country, and even over in Italy, to make sure that what we deliver on the plate and in the glass resonates our passion for creating the best experience possible.


Set over two floors, Pasta Nostra is an informal dining setting that allows people to take their time and enjoy all that we have to offer.


In the hustle and bustle of East London, you can escape to Pasta Nostra where time slows down and food takes over...


122 Old Street



020 3196 7824

Covid Opening Time 

Tuesday to Sunday:

12:00 to 21:30



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