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Beautifully balanced in taste, Burrata is a perfect blend of contrasting textures working together to create a landscape of soothing delights. Its soft shell wrapped around a creamy centre delivers a clash of sensations and a buttery consistency unlike any other. When cut open, the creamy interior is revealed as it slowly seeps from the centre like rich cream. Mild, smooth and fresh, Burrata seduces with its unique profile and delicate palate.

Spun by artisans in the heel of Italy, Burrata is produced locally using fresh milk from buffalos that graze on the plateaus of Apulia. Lush pastures dotted between the coast and mainland provide rich forage for grazing cattle, resulting in wholesome and full-bodied milk for the creameries.

Serve fresh Burrata at room temperature by removing it from refrigeration at least half an hour before serving.