Remilled Durum Wheat Semolina

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Durum semolina, or durum wheat semolina, is traditionally used for making dried pasta. It comes from processed durum wheat, which has a particularly robust kernel. This durum semolina is rimacinata, or 're-milled' to give an ultra-fine texture. 

In 1967, a law was passed in Italy which required all dried pasta to be made from durum wheat and water, which gives the country’s pasta its distinctive bite, texture and slightly nutty flavour. This fine durum semolina adds more depth of flavour to homemade egg pasta when used 50:50 with Italian 00 flour. Or use the fine semolina on its own - the fine texture adds the characteristic nutty flavour of durum semolina without becoming crunchy.

Semolina rimacinata  is also ideal for making Italian breads and pizza bases, and for traditional European semolina cakes.